3 Aug
1 Million
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On November 7th 2017, Playground Ideas’ impact reached


And 2018 also marks Playground Ideas’ ten year anniversary! In that time, over
communities have built play spaces to improve their children’s education, health and long term life outcomes.
Communities everywhere, in 143 countries have used our support and resources.
In 2005 Marcus, Founder and CEO built 1 playground in Cambodia.

Playground 11, 4th feb 2009
In 2008,
with a small team of
amazing volunteers, we built
20 playgrounds.
In 2017 alone,
communities built
692 playgrounds.

Our first and probably still coolest cubby from 25th October 2007

Playground 11, 4th Feb 2009

Guatemala, 15th May 2015

And we are not slowing down, with 50 Playgrounds currently being built in india
Playground Ideas is nothing without the incredible community that takes our resources and brings them to life: for example

Think Playgrounds

Grass Malaysia

Joyce Vernon

For every dollar we receive to fund Playground Ideas work, another
$2.50is raised by a community member somewhere around the world.

The entire cost of running Playground Ideas breaks down to
$0.86cper child impacted.
Donate and help us reach another million children.


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1 Million