4 Jul
10 Favourite DIY Swing Designs
Posted by Joanna Francis

In the last post we talked about some of our most imaginative play elements. But that doesn’t mean that the humble swing is not still a great addition to any playground. And in fact, there’s more than just one way to build one. Here’s a mix of some classics and also some of our more interesting and weird swings. And remember that there are lots of ways to build great, fun, strong swings using materials other than what you typically associate with them.

1. Swing double. Your classic swing set, which has been around forever. Nothing beats that big G-force swing.

2. Basket swing. Our newest swing design! They’re great for little kids and anyone that has trouble sitting up on their own or holding on. It’s a true all abilities element, and you can put them in in any direction. They just can’t fall out!

3. Bucket seat tire toddler. This is a great simple swing, which only has one crutch strap, whereas the basket swing has two.

4. Swing seat best. After trialling dozens of different swing seat options, swing seat best is quite literally what it says. The best design from many experiments in creating something that is super robust and long lasting and yet soft and comfy.

5. Swing truck tire hammock.  These are a great swing for kids who like to feel cushioned and a gentle squeeze while they swing, and also are great to build next to each other so that kids can move on top from one to another.

6. Swing tractor flat maxi hammock. They’re a little bit harder to find, but occasionally you come across a giant tire that’s not steel reinforced. And when that opportunity arises, this is the perfect use for it.


7. Swing seat nursery no welding. Another classic. Not necessarily the most comfortable of swings, but hard to ignore for the fact that they’re so easy to build. It’s often the classic image you’ll have in your mind when you think of a car tire swing and our design has made sure that the back of the children’s knees has a smooth round edge to rest on instead of the often sharp edge that’s usually cut here.

8. Swing monkey. If you think about swinging in a more holistic way and you love offering children activities that require cooperation, the swing monkey is for you. Our design has two rings on it but it could have plenty more.

9. Tear drop swings. Another simple yet great design for a swing and one that lends itself to kids swinging on their tummy, like this child here in PNG.


10. Swing hangers. The most common thing to go wrong in a playground is that the swings break at the top. Our swing hangers, if built with quality materials will last for a long time but are still super cheap and easy to maintain with any local welder.

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