4 Jul
10 Imaginative Play Elements
Posted by Joanna Francis

When you think of a playground, do you automatically think of a swing set, a slide and a see-saw? If you answered yes, then this post is for you. Below are ten of our most imaginative play elements, popular the world over and super great at encouraging kids’ creative and imaginative play. Just create a free account on our website and then you’ll have access to step by step instructions for these and all 150 of our designs!

1. Shops. Loved by kids the world over and easily adaptable to local cultures and customs. Let your imagination guide you!


2. Motorbike. Again, this is one of our most popular designs and totally able to be customised.

3. Elephant. We found that our African brothers and sisters were more interested in animals than motorbikes! But don’t stop at elephants, you can turn this design into a horse, an ox like the one below from a recent project in Nepal or whatever other animal you like!

4. Matatu. In Kenya and neighbouring nations, a matatu is a privately owned minivan taxi, usually brightly decorated and we created this design inspired by them. Imbue the Kenyan spirit and don’t hold back on the paintwork! They can be as big as you like and the roof makes a great lookout spot.

5. Aeroplane. This is one of our larger designs, and so fun for kids. Be the pilot, be a passenger! Here are a couple of  examples of our aeroplane design from Kenya and India.


6. Stage. Kids love to perform, to create songs and dances and plays and incorporating a stage into a playground design is a great way to get their creative juices going.

This stage, still being built in a current project in Bangladesh has incorporated a local sea turtle into the design!

7. Train. If you can find some concrete pipes or water tanks, this is a great way to use them. Kids always love incorporating transport into their imaginative play and the train is no exception!

8. Crazy caterpillar. If you’ve got tires to spare, this is a great design to use. It’s fantastic for the imagination but also for balancing, jumping and backflips etc. Go crazy on the colours!

9. Tha Wah Car. This was a design, developed by Tha Wah who was our first employee in Thailand. It was originally developed in timber, and now specked out in steel. Driving a car elicits a sense of freedom and the thrill of being behind a wheel is something that children will be perennially attracted to. Why not customise it to your local vehicles?

10. Sandpit. So popular, so fun, and with endless options to customise and create your own design. Check out our website for a number of different designs and here’s a couple of photos for inspiration.

Please help us to continue creating and sharing free resources, so that you and others all over the world can keep creating awesome play spaces for kids!