4 Jul
10 Inspiring TED Talks on Play
Posted by Joanna Francis

I’m sure we’re not the only ones that have at some point, probably in the early hours of the morning, found ourselves falling down a rabbit hole of TED Talks. There is a wealth of inspiring, informative and entertaining content there and the topic of play is no exception. Today, we’ve compiled ten of our favourite TED Talks and other videos about the importance and value of play, beginning with the talk by our very own Marcus Veerman…

1. Marcus Veerman: Ending poverty using plastic cups and wooden spoons.


2. Peter Gray: The decline of Play.


3. Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?


4. Stuart Brown: Play is more than fun.


5. Alison Gopnik: What do babies think?


6. Steve Keil: A manifesto for play, for Bulgaria and beyond.


7. Tim Brown: Tales of Creativity and Play.


8. Jill Vialet: What play can teach us.


9. Takaharu Tezuka: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen.

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