5 Jul
10 Organisations Bringing Play To Kids All Over The World
Posted by Joanna Francis

Soon after Playground Ideas began, we realised that we were not the only people building playgrounds. We started discovering like-minded individuals and organisations all over the globe, and we decided to create a network, believing that we could do more work, and better work, together than we could apart. And so the Global Play Alliance was born. Today, we’d love to introduce you to some of our fellow global playground builders:

1. Think Playgrounds, Vietnam

A fantastic team working to promote the importance of play and build urban playgrounds in cities across Vietnam

2. East African Playgrounds, Uganda

Tom Gill and Carla Powell, a UK couple started up East African Playgrounds in 2009 and since then have created countless playgrounds across Uganda,3.

3. Pop-up Adventure Playgrounds, UK

The creators of our Loose Parts Play manual, these guys travel the world, sharing their love and enthusiasm of play work and helping bring creative, self directed play spaces to communities in the UK and beyond.

4. Rise Now

Rise Now’s playground program in India, Mexico and across Africa helps bring playgrounds to communities that previously had no designated areas for them and engages the local communities in all aspects of the projects.

5. City of Play, Glasgow, UK.

The City of Play is a unique social enterprise; a multi-disciplined design practice that helps communities create inclusive and engaging ‘places of play’ all across Scotland and beyond.

6. Gudgudee, India

An all female design studio in India that designs and builds interesting, unique play spaces for children.

7. Empower Playgrounds, Ghana

Empower Playgrounds enhances educational opportunities for children in deprived villages in Ghana, West Africa through providing innovative play based learning opportunities.

8. Eco Cabezas, Guatemala

The brain child of Ancris Garcia Cabezas, Eco Cabezas designs and builds eco homes, farms and playgrounds, using the principles of permaculture and priding themselves on inclusive, creative design.

9. Play Pilipinas, the Philippines

“Protecting the adventures of childhood so every child will be ready to face the adventures of life”.

10. Our Global Builders Facebook group has become a great source of ideas, support and inspiration for fellow playground builders the world over.

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