15 Aug
10 Playground Elements For Tiny Tots
Posted by Joanna Francis

Toddlers are bundles of energy. They’re constantly squirming, crawling, spinning, and jumping. Playgrounds can be great environments for toddlers to play, challenge their abilities and engage their senses. But play spaces often require a bit more intention in design to make them appropriate and fun for younger kids. We’ve put together a collection of ten of our favorite DIY elements for toddlers. Check them out!

1. Tire Tunnel

The tire tunnel could not be easier to build, and it’s a great versatile element for toddlers–they can climb through it, crawl over it, or hide inside.

2. Sensory Garden

Toddlers are highly tactile, so a playground garden is a perfect element –they love touching new textures, looking for patterns and smelling the flowers. Be sure to exclude any poisonous plants and include a few edible vegetables or herbs to add to the sensory experience!

3. Earth Mound Small

Simple hills are perfect for toddler playgrounds because they add dimension to the space and are endlessly fun to run up and down and up and down and up and down.

4. Slide Tile

This simple slide is nearly indestructible. It’s made from concrete and floor tiles, so the slide surface won’t get too hot in the sun. Combine the slide with an earth mound and toddlers will have a gentle slope to climb up to their slide, which is prevents tumbles and falls from a traditional slide ladder.

5. Bucket Seat

This toddler swing seat is super simple to construct. It just requires a few tire threads and bolts!

6. Tire Sandpit Combo

We believe every playground should have a sandpit! Sand is the perfect creative play material because it allows kids to shape, mold, and create new forms each time.

7. Big Xylo

Add a little music to your playground with this DIY xylophone!

8. A-Frame Cubby Climber

This cubby climber is perfect for a toddler playground. They’ll love crawling inside and playing peek-a-boo with their friends outside. It also allows for a safe, cozy space when kids need a little spot to sit and watch the world. More confident or older kids can use the peek holes as climbing holds and crawl all over it.

9. Half tire square

An easy design to put together, and great for little kids to climb, jump and balance on.

10. Double drum.

We love incorporating musical elements into playgrounds, and this is a great one for toddlers (and older kids too!)


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