1 Oct
Press Release: Launch of Open-Source Hub of DIY Playground Design
Posted by Elizabeth Moreno


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Elizabeth Moreno
Communications & Program Development Manager
Playground Ideas

October 1, 2015

Melbourne, Australia – Global nonprofit Playground Ideas has equipped more than 950 schools and communities in impoverished places around the world to build stimulating play spaces with only local materials, giving over 450,000 children access to play. On September 30, Playground Ideas launched its new website, a from-the-ground-up rebuild of how they work. is a open-source hub of DIY playground design and a global network of play advocates. The site hosts over 150 playground element designs with step-by-step building instructions, a suite of playground building manuals including a pictorial representation of international safety standards, and a database of playground projects around the world. The new site allows users to crowdfund for their projects directly on the site. In addition, the new site hosts a library of play advocacy resources, highlighting the importance of play for healthy child development, and the potential of early play experiences to break cycles of poverty. In the coming weeks, the Playground Ideas will be releasing two new manuals and a groundbreaking research report on the long term impacts of play.

Playground Ideas began in 2007, when founder Marcus Veerman was asked to build a playground in Thailand. Over the course of 2 years a group of volunteers, builders, and artists constructed 40 playgrounds along the Thai-Burma border. They began documenting their designs and best practices online, and was born.

About Playground Ideas: Playground Ideas is an Australian non-profit organisation that equips anyone, anywhere to build a stimulating space for play using only local materials, tools, and labor. For more information, please visit or @playgroundideas on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

1 Oct
Welcome to the new website!
Posted by client_admin
Playground Ideas Founder, Marcus Veerman here with a very exciting announcement:

We’ve been working away at this new site all year and we’re so excited to finally let it out in the wild! Head on over to and check out some of the new features:

  • Crowdfunding. Now anyone who starts a playground project on the site will be able to fundraise through our platform, just like you would on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


The first crowdfunding project up on the site is “Play Mexico” by our Global Play Alliance Partners, Rise Now. They’re aiming to fundraise $10,000 in the next 152 days to build 10 playgrounds in Southern Mexico. Check out their project and consider making a donation to make their playground dreams a reality!


  • New Manuals. Check out our manuals page for new releases, including our new Community Submitted Resources section, with regional specific playground tips from around the world.
  • Start a project. Easier than ever to start a project, save your designs, fundraise, connect with other projects locally. Begin building your dream project today!
  • Stay tuned! In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing 2 new manuals, a TED Talk, and a groundbreaking research report on the long term impacts of play. Watch our Facebook page for updates!
Welcome to the new website!
1 Oct
How Playgrounds Went Viral in Morocco
Posted by Elizabeth Moreno

Two Peace Corps volunteers and some old tires sparked a word-of-mouth wave of DIY playgrounds in North Africa.

By Elizabeth Moreno

Bouarfa, Morocco was not what Josh Jentzsch had in mind when he signed up for the Peace Corps. “It’s cold,” he told me over a crackling Skype connection. Dry, barren, empty, and rural. “It kind of looks like Mars.”

Throughout orientation he heard tales from experienced volunteers who had organized youth camps, lead workshops, facilitated trainings, and spearheaded transformational development projects. Anything seemed possible. And then Josh left orientation in the capital and landed in Bouarfa.

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How Playgrounds Went Viral in Morocco