A Game-Changer Replacing Your Child’s Toys.

Turn your child from the toy user to the toy maker. Creating a rich environment full of possibility to express themselves.

A tool for childhood that does what toys were always meant to do

The More Work The Toy Does, The Less Good It Is For Them

Open-Ended Loose Parts Play Engages Deeper And Longer

100+ Highly Connectable Parts For Creative Play

Multi-Purpose Parts Mean Thousands Of Possible Creations

The Pod Lets Them Express Their Unique, Curious And Imaginative Side

Nüdel Saves You Money

Natural, Non Toxic, Heirloom Quality Parts 100% Safe For Children

Nüdel Does Good

The Nüdel Pod Story

The Nüdel Pod Replaces Almost All Your Children’s Toys

Quickly re-create thousands of the toys that clog up your space. Then enjoy as your child (and you) create millions more of your own creations.

The Nüdel Kart Story