Balance Seesaw Hybrid

Design by: playgroundIdeas

Category: Groundlevel, Seesaws, Tyre Elements

Design Description

This balance beam is different because each beam is held in the middle instead of at the ends allowing a see-saw movement. This simple twist creates a whole lot of fun because each see-saw affects the next through the flexible connections. Simple yet so engaging!

Building Steps

1. Cut the wood plank to the appropriate length, then round off the edge with a planer.

2. Drill two holes through the wood plank into the tires, and then connect the tire and wood plank together with bolts, nuts, and washers.

3. Cut the sidewalls off of six tires.

4. Cut through the tire tread. First, use a utility knife to cut the rubber of the tire tread until you reach the steel wire. Next, use a thin metal blade grinder to cut through the steel wire. Then, cut the rest of the rubber with the utility knife. Finally, use a thick grinder blade to smooth the surface. Run your finger along the surface of the cut to make sure it is smooth.

5. So that children’s fingers do not get pinched, place the tire treads along the timber posts. Next, drill four holes along the tire treads into the wood. Then, attach the tire treads to the wood with bolts, nuts, and washers.

6. Using the tire tread that was cut in half, place the tread along the side of the wood plank. Next, drill four holes through the tire treads. Then, attach the tread to the wood plank with lag bolts and washers.

7. Dig four holes and bury the tires with the planks close to each other. Tires must be buried at least half way into the ground.

8. Place a cut tire tread over two wood planks. Next, drill four holes through the tire tread and wood plank. Then, attach the tire tread and wood plank with bolts, nuts, and washers.


For small children you can limit some of the movements by adding tire tread bumpers underneath the ends of the planks.


• x 32 bolts with nuts and washers
• x 62 lag screws with washers
• x 10 car tires
• x 4 truck tires
• x 4 wood; length: ~300cm-350cm / 118” - 138”, width: >20cm / >8”, height: ~7cm / 2.75”


• Spade
• Spanner
• Utility knife
• Drill and bits
• Grinder
• Circular saw
• Planer
• Water

This plan is designed to be used in conjunction with your appropriate, local safety guidelines / standards and the advice of local skilled builders / engineers.  If your location has no guidelines or standards, we have provided a summary of many of the most common hazards here.

This plan is for pre-school (4+) and school-age children, and are not designed for babies and toddlers. Designs will need to be redesigned for these age groups.

This element must have a clear safe fall zone of 1500mm (5’) around it with soft material, and it may not be overlapped with other elements.

Dome headed bolts or other fixing that reduces tripping should be used throughout this element.

NOTE: This element is not necessarily a balancing element but more of a team element and thus only a little movement is required. If it moves too many children will be less likely to try for fear a larger child will catapult them off the element.

**IMPORTANT** Please see safety guidelines here for further details on the above safety points.



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