15 May
Free DIY Design Kit for Playgrounds for Parks
Posted by Elizabeth Moreno

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Does your community need a park playground? Have you considered building one yourself? Playground Ideas supports communities around the world build playgrounds using only local tools, materials, and labor. We’ve put a “Playground Starter Kit,” which puts together eight of our favorite, time-tested designs into one amazing playspace. Check it out!


Hop onto the balancing standing see-saw, which can accommodate many kids at once. Ahead you’ll find the sandpit – a rich sensory environment that promotes fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination, and creativity and imagination. Just behind, you’ll find a pretend play scene, complete with a small shop, a couple motorbikes, and a small garden.


Pairing the garden with the sandpit and pretend play area allows kids to add leaves, flowers and sticks from the garden into their sand play, or bring the elements into their shop to “sell.” Tucked away under the park trees is a line of hammock swings, and steps away is a simple half-tire tire grid that can host an outdoor classroom while also providing hours of fun just jumping to and fro. Simple earth mounds ring the park, creating a sense of enclosure and a super low-cost element to run up and down and up and down.


This park playground is adaptable to different ages and group sizes. In this design kit you’ll find the DIY step-by-step plans for each element, as well tips and advice for adapting the design to your own space and needs. Click here to download a free copy of the “Playground Starter Kit” and get started on your park playground today!