Catalytic Action

Service Region: Lebanon/Jordan/Greece/Kenya

Sponsor Type: Global Play Alliance

About Us

We are a not-for-profit, design studio that works internationally; intervening with projects that catalyze change in society. Through rigorous design practices, community engagement and understanding the specificities of different contexts, we are working to better the lives of marginalized and disadvantaged groups in different global settings. We work with communities to deliver projects that they can go on to sustain themselves; integrating our design and architectural skills with our experience in participatory engagement to bring about positive transformations. We endeavor to challenge the status-quo, where marginalized groups can become dependent on long term aid, and instead work to produce self-sufficient and strong communities.


We do not use a one-solution-fits-all approach; in order to bring about lasting change we believe that interventions should be designed for specific spaces, groups and times. We work on a range of projects that vary in form and scale but that we believe can confront the inequalities within society; whether it be with urban agriculture, spaces for children or more radical actions and projects. Throughout the world there are huge spatial, political, social, economic and environmental imbalances and although we know we won’t be able to solve them all; we are working with those most disadvantaged to challenge these; one project at a time.


Check out this video about how we work!

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48A Rainham road
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