SER Ciudad

Service Region: Perú

Sponsor Type: Global Play Alliance

About Us

SER Ciudad is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote and develop projects of architecture and urban planning with a participatory approach in order to build citizenship, promoting in the process that people identify with the space they live in, study and interact, value and respect it; thus contributing to improve the relationship of people with their environment and strengthening both, collective and individual skills and capacities.

Amongst the projects developed by SER Ciudad there are playspaces for the children, because we believe that childhood is the first stage where onelearns about citizenship; for instance, when playing one conciliates about what, how, when and where to play; and we recognize that playing is a natural road and a potential ally towards the physical, social and cognitive development of children, which is why these projects are done by promoting the active participation of children by creating opportunities in which they are part and on which they express their views and take decisions about the spaces that involve them, and where they are the protagonists.


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