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Location: Costa Rica

$696.48 Donated of $5000
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Fundraising ended on 30 September 2021
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We are a group of mothers who want a safe clean beautiful space for our children and for every child to play.
Children deserve to have a childhood full of beautiful memories. Memories of laughter, stories, and playgrounds. Play significantly improves a children’s creativity, memory, problem solving capacity, team building skills and their IQ. It is highly important to socialize especially at this hard time in society where our kids were also denied attendance at schools on a daily basis.

Puerto Viejo de la Talamanca it is a lovely town on the beach in the south Caribbean side of Costa Rica and we are very grateful to live immersed in the nature. But like other places in the Caribbean, we face several days of rain during the year sometimes for days, so it is very important for us to build partially covered playground so that kids can still get together even on these wet days. But create a roof area is costly and we also want to use durable materials that are not going to rot.

This is where you come into play, we need your help!

We have this opportunity to make a dream play area in a perfect space in the middle of the town that a beautiful local businesswoman has generously made available for this project.
You can support this project with a money donation (even a dollar counts) and you can also donate your old tires, cement, wood, nails, tools and most importantly your time with us transforming this wonderful space from a dream into reality.
Together we will make it happen for the benefit of the community: big and small! And this is just the beginning…

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