Ket Wangi's children playground

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Location: Kenya

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Fundraising ended on 07 December 2014
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Ket Wangi Orphanage and Learning Centre is home to 82 children, 46 sleep in the house and the others go back to relatives at the end of the day due to lack of space. The only play equipment they have is a slide. We want to build a small playground for the pre-primary classes which currently have 22 children and another one for the older children. We have many other needs but we think it's really important for the children to have some stimulation, especially for those living in as they don't get the chance to get out much as they are far from the town. We need help with funding and also designing. We hope that once the orphanage and school are more self-sustaining (target 2018), we'll be able to build a very big playground for the kids in the area too.

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