Kukulu Playground

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Location: Ethiopia

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Fundraising ended on 30 January 2021
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Children deserve to have a childhood full of beautiful memories. Memories of laughter, stories and playgrounds. Play significantly improves a children’s creativity, memory, problem solving capacity, team building skills and their IQ. Children who go to school spend a significant amount of their day in their school compound.
How many schools in Ethiopia have playgrounds? Kukulu is passionate about making sure that all public schools, particularly elementary and kindergarten schools in Ethiopia have playgrounds for their students. We are in the way to create the future we want to see…….children with access to playgrounds….at all times #imagineplaygrounds #imaginehappychildren The project is exclusively volunteer based and we depend on the good will of individuals to donate their old tire, cement, wood, nails, different tools and most importantly their time with us transforming spaces to playgrounds :)

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