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Location: Lebanon

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Fundraising ended on 31 March 2022
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Al Caravan Project started as a mobile theater group in 2008, and then proceeded as a mobile project in 2012.

Magic Caravan is a Mobile Caravan dedicated to providing educational, entertainment and cultural workshops for children, youth, women & adults, as currently conducting Development programs for three months per course, in addition to support programs for education, which train volunteers for a few months to learn how to deal with vulnerable cases.
The daily program lasts for Three hours and includes activities, which are meant to release the excess energy found in the target group, in addition to helping them acquire mechanisms for protection against any danger. It also encourages them to find solutions to any danger they may find themselves exposed to, while increasing their level of education and those of their trainers as well.

Al Caravan Project has aimed at supporting children and young children through Arts, Education AID Sports and we are still working to support the children affected by the on-going crisis which has been occurring in rural areas, our project follows the affected children throughout their time spent in refugee camps.

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