Recycled study playground with waste automobile tires at St Michael Primary and Nursery School-Bamenda

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Location: Cameroon

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Fundraising ended on 30 January 2020
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Project description
Brief Project Description/Background
The project seeks to provide a 400-capacity playground for primary school children aged 3-12 years at the St Michael Primary and Nursery School-Bamenda-Cameroon. The aim is to provide a suitable environment that enhances both cognitive child development and promotion of academic excellence.
Playing is key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well being of children. It impacts hugely on almost every developmental aspect of children’s lives. Young children spend a reasonable amount of time in school than at home. For many children, school play time is the most active part of their day. School playgrounds therefore play a very important role in the daily lives of these kids by fulfilling their interest, development and learning needs.
Schools in Cameroon and Bamenda in particular are yet to understand the importance of playgrounds to the general growth of a child. The few schools that understand the need for play grounds, develop playgrounds that are not appropriately furnished and safe. The school playground is an important facility for children to play every day on their own initiative. It puts enormous positive impacts on children’s development and learning. This initiative provides students with the leisure facilities to make primary education livelier and student-friendly. We know every school is located in the community. If the playground can be established in all schools, it can be a community play center for children too.
The project will be carried out in two phases.
The first phase of the project will include liaising with school authorities and management to organize a workshop and educate them on the importance and invaluable role of playground in schools. This phase also involves the construction of a 400-capacity school playground. The construction will make use of low-cost, local waste materials such as waste automobile tires, bamboos, cane. It will also involve the use of materials such as cement, gravel, sand, iron bars etc. Construction engineers will be selected based on proven past experience in constructing school playgrounds.
By using these waste, local, low cost materials, the project will go a long way to promote waste management and sustainable reuse and recycling of waste thereby keeping the environment clean and safe.
The second phase of the project involves, identifying, selecting and training some 5 playground managers and safety guards to ensure safe play among children during play hours.
Problem statement
St Michael Primary School Nkwen-Bamenda is host to over 1500 primary school children which makes her one of the most populated centers in Bamenda Town. Before the wake of the ongoing anglophone crisis in the country which have seen thousands of children of school age lost access to education, the Center hosted a maximum of 700 school children.
Since the crisis began in late 2016, over 160,000 people have been internally displaced and over 50,000 registered as refuges in Neighboring Nigeria. More than 60,000 children of school age have lost access to education. More than 150 schools have been burnt down and others turned into camps for armed groups. Some children have been recruited and trained as child soldiers and others are left wondering in the streets. This has caused many families to flee from conflict zones to seek refuge in safer areas of the region. As a result, schools found in these relatively safer areas receive more pupils than before.
Due to the insecurity in the country, most children do not have enough time to play back home and they are often transported in cars and buses to school giving them little or no time to walk or run or even play.
According to a report on a Fit and Healthy Childhood in 2015, one in five pupils leaving primary school is ‘clinically unfit’. Unable to sustain a running pace of 9.5 km/h (6mph). On average it takes them more than 11 minutes to run/walk a mile. This means this generation is 90 seconds slower than their parents were at the same age, and as children steadily grow bigger and heavier, they become relatively weaker, with one in five unable to support their own body weight using their arms.

The report estimates that around 1.5 million children with a true risk of long-term ill‑health are currently going undetected simply because neither the government nor our schools are taking a regular measurement of fitness, and they aren’t investing properly in active play either. This explains the need to create more safer playgrounds for these crises affected children becomes a priority.
Project Objectives
The main objective of the project is to create an environment that promotes complete child development while in school by providing a safer, healthier, cleaner and environmentally friendly playground for some 1500 primary school children in the St Michael Primary School Nkwen-Bamenda and for other surrounding kids in the community
The specific objectives include;
• Construct a 400-capacity playground for 1500 pupils at St Michael School Nkwen-Bamenda
• Train 5 playground guards to ensure safety of pupils and proper handling and maintenance of playground equipment
Project Activities
The project activities include;
• Liaise with school authorities and project team to validate playground project
• Choose location of playground and orientation of features
• Purchase and Assemble construction materials (waste tires, bamboos, cane, cement, sand, concrete etc.)
• Identify and select playground construction engineers (including builders, carpenters, welders etc.)
• Prepare safety manual with safety measures for playground use and maintenance.
• Identify, select and train playground management team and safety guards
• Hand over playground to school authorities and management team.
• Prepare and submit project report to partners
Project Expected Outcome
The expected outcomes from the project include but are not limited to;
• Increased Social, Brain and Language Development of school children
• Increased physical development and health through good physical exercise
• Improved academic performance of school children
• Improved emotional development and Positive Mental Health of school children
• Increased fun and relief and reduced stress and trauma among school children
• Increased adult health as the children develop into adults
• Children develop a sense of self-direct, feel true excitement, overcome their fears, and learn to work out the rules of this world.
• Since the project entails the use of waste materials such as waste automobile tires, it will increase the sustainable reuse and recycling of waste thrown in the environment. This project therefore will lead to a reduction of waste automobile tires disposed in the environment.
Project Beneficiaries
The project directly benefits over 1500 pupil of the St Michael Primary and Nursery school-Nkwen Bamenda. The project will also indirectly benefit an estimated 500 more children around the school environment who can come and play in the school playground.
The indirect beneficiaries of the project include parents, teachers and policy makers. The project idea will help shape the making of policies towards constructing study environments for children. Teachers and Parents will have the opportunity to interact more with pupils, understand their challenges and monitor child growth and development.
Sustainability Plan
After the project funds are exhausted, the parent teachers association (PTA) of St Michael Primary and Nursery School and the playground management team will be responsible for managing and maintaining the playground. H4BF will continue to seek funds from like-minded individuals and funders to support the work started under this project and build more playgrounds in other schools.

Project Start date: October 1, 2019
Project end date: January 30, 2020

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