Tire Obstacle Course & Play Engagement Program

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Location: United States

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Fundraising ended on 30 January 2020
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Location - Bilingual Iglesia Bautista 85246 Valley Rd, Coachella, CA 92236

Project - KIDS Play Engagement Program/ Tire Obstacle Course & Playground.

Our community
- low income
- high gang violence & crime rate.
- Minimum recreational programs available for children in the community

Our purpose - We live in a poor community that has very limited programs available for children to play. ASES and the Boys & Girls Club need help with the children in our community. ASES is a program that offers sports after school but only 100 can participate per school each year. 100 out of 900 per school or less than 2000 students out of 18,000 in total. The other 16,000 have the Boys & Girls Club which is overcrowded with children. The rise in gang violence and crime rate in our community is very concerning to many loving parents. We wish there was a safe place to take our kids while we are working. A church down the street has allowed to build a playground and start a youth play engagement program on their large property. The P-E program will offer many different games and activities for kids to play as ASES and the Boys & Girls Club. This playground will serve more than 800 children in the neighborhood alone. The playground structures are in a line so that it can be used as an obstacle course as well. The space available for the obstacle course is 14 feet wide and 400 feet long. Began building in August 2019, contributed 3 months of work and $$$ out of pocket. The church fundraised $280 and help with building the structures. Local tire shops, neighborhood friends & elders have donated recycled materials and paint. They are happy with this project. Progress continued as supplies and support became available. Reached a point where used material cannot be used any longer for safety reasons. Need help with purchasing the new materials and some tools. Need to rent heavy machinery for digging and moving large amounts of dirt. Need to rent or hire a large truck to transport materials and donated posts over 30 feet long. Need to install underground water lines & power lines for drinking water and lighting. Including hardware, lumber, and paint. The city requires licensed professionals to do some of the work that we cannot do. We reach out for support in making this playground for kids. Your support is greatly appreciated. For our supporters, pictures of the project will be posted to show progress on the project. In addition, need innovative ideas on structures made with large tractor tires that are 5 feet in diameter in size. Thank you for your support in providing a needed playground for kids in Coachella CA. Questions or info [email protected]

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