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Location: Kenya

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Fundraising ended on 31 January 2022
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The site of the Ukombozi playground is an area directly across from the Indian Ocean in Watamu, Kenya. Historically, this land has been used as a waste dump filled with bottles, plastic, diapers, clothes, organic materials, tin cans, etc. which had become part of the landscape. However, in January of 2021, the Watamu Youth Future Concerned (WYFC) group stepped in to remedy this atrocity, and after two months of cleaning, the land is empty and ready to be transformed.
The area chief has formally given control of this land to WYFC for the creation of programs to benefit the local community. Thus, it has been decided that there will be a community garden, a marine/eco education space, and a children’s playground!
This will be the first space dedicated to kids in the entire village. It will be 100% free of charge for any child to use. The importance of play for children is a critical component to future success. This research, conducted by, has informed the layout and building plans for the Ukombozi playground.
We are seeking community involvement in this project, as well as any material or financial donations. We are thrilled to have an initial pledge of excess steel and wood poles from the Globeleq solar farm build site, and are actively reaching out to the local community to collect materials to repurpose and incorporate.
Money raised will be used to pay for materials and skilled labor costs:
Materials: Bolts, Screws, nails, tires, paint and paint brushes, ropes, utility knife, cement, shovel, wood poles, metal sheets, garbage bins, wood, bricks
Services: Construction laborer with his/her own tools (saw, sander, drill, etc.) & welders. daily labor charges. Waste removal charges

Important notes:
*WYFC is a registered community organization in Watamu, Kenya, established in 2006.
**documentation of the Chief’s declaration can be provided upon request
***Project updates with images will be provided to any donor from this site via email to the address used to make the donation. You can also follow @watamuyouthfutureconcerned on Facebook or Instagram for timely updates.

Update as of 11/20/21 - we have completed the construction of two swing sets, monkey bars, a big slide, a tire jumper, and a climbing feature. We have learned a lot about what is working in the space and what our challenges are. With this information, we are ready for Phase 2 of the project this week. Depending on funds, we hope to construct additional tire climbing features, uneven bars for hanging, and wiggle walk for younger kids. We are also adding more permanent waste bins (our current ones are plastic and showing significant wear and tear) and planting more trees for shade. If funds remain we want to create a large recycling art feature.

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