Zuarungu kindergarten/nursery playground

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Location: Ghana

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Fundraising ended on 30 April 2022
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Zuarungu kindergarten/nursery is a community school in my community located in Ghana west Africa bolgatanga upper east region. Honestly the first time i passed around that school i really felt bad.so i was able to assist them renovate thus painting the whole school and providing the kids with breakfast(porridge)i sacrificed this for the kids because i love kids and would want them to have same opportunities like other kids in the urban areas.my next aim was to find a way of always making the kids happy so i came across this website on YouTube then decided to try my luck possible God will work out something to help create a playground for this kids. currently im also working on getting the kids good uniforms. I will appreciate anyone who finds this worth their support to help give hope to this deprived kids who might one day become helpers to others who might also be in need. God bless you all!!!!

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