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"It was hard work - working in the sun, digging the ground, planting plants, scrubbing tyres, painting - but it was also fun! I enjoyed working with my friends. At the completion of the school playground, I was so excited to see children enjoying themselves and I took pride in that. I also learned new things out from this experience."

Roanley Tangea, volunteer in Papua New Guinea

"It was an unforgettable experience of learning to build spaces of great value from the simplest materials by using creativity. We worked together to create a quality environment for children’s development, which will be the basis for the future of the community."

Lorena Clarke, volunteer in Brazil

"Fundraising, designing and building a play installation in Manila with Playground Ideas is the single most rewarding and challenging experience I have had. By restricting materials and resources to only what could be found locally, we were able to create a playground that will be sustainable for the community for years to come."

Campbell Jones, volunteer in the Philippines