Swing Truck Tire Hammock

Design by: playgroundIdeas

Category: Swings, Tyre Elements

Design Description

This low to the ground swing is a great playground element for swinging and rocking.

Building Steps

1. Build the frame of the structure by shaping the ends of the metal to the round tubes and weld them together.

2. Place the metal structure where you want it and mark the ground to determine where to dig. Next, pour in concrete mix into the hole for the base. Then, place the structure into the holes and fill the holes with concrete mix.

3. Cut the metal plates to the appropriate lengths for the swing hanger.

4. Round off the edges of four plates and drill a hole through those plates.

5. Weld the cut metal plates from the previous steps into a “U” shape.

6. Drill a hole through the thicker solid steel rod and weld the 5 mm / 1” steel plate to the steel rod.

7. Drill a hole near the end of the narrower steel rod and weld a washer to the opposite end of the steel rod.

8. Take the thicker rod and place it between the bracket and insert the narrow steel rod through the bracket and thicker rod. Then, insert the rebar through the hole in the narrow rod and bend the rebar.

9. Weld the swing hanger to the swing frame. Make sure to have the hanger welded all around. For a stronger connection, add a strip of metal through the bracket around the pole and weld the metal strip and pole together.

10. Remove only the rim bead from the truck tire.

11. Cut a truck tire in half at an acute angle with a sharp blade.

12. Cut one link of the steel chain for a shorter piece. Then, take the cut link and loop it back through the chain at an equal length of the short piece. Then, weld the cut link close to attach it back to the chain.

13. Attach the ends of the chains to the tire seat. Spread the ends of the chains apart so that it creates a V shape. Drill two holes through the end of the chain into the tire. Then attach the chain to the seat with bolts, nuts, and washers.

14. Weld the steel chain to the small metal piece hanging from the swing hanger. Make sure to have all part of the chain piece welded to the steel plate.


• x 8 Hex bolts with nuts and washers
• x 2 Washers
• x 1 Truck Tires. You must choose tires marked with Nylon. Many truck tire sidewalls and tread contain steel wires and these are note appropriate for the design.
• Paint and brush
• Cement Mix
• Sand
• Gravel
• x 4 Steel Tube (A), Diameter: ~75 mm / 3”, Length: ~2100 mm / 6.9
• x 2 Steel Tube (B), Diameter: ~75 mm / 3”, Length: ~1600 mm / 5.2’
• x 2 Steel Tube (C), Diameter: ~75 mm / 3”, Length: ~1000 mm / 3.3’
• x 2 Steel Rod (D), Diameter: ~12mm / 0.5”, Length: ~60 mm / 2.4”
• x 2 Steel Rod (E), Diameter: ~30 mm / 1.2”, Length: ~40 mm / 1.6”
• x 1 Steel Rebar; Diameter: ~15 mm / 0.6”, Length: 100 mm/ 4”
• x 1 Steel Chain: Length: 1000 mm / 3.3’
• x 2 Steel Plate: Length: ~120 mm / 4.7”, Width: ~40 mm / 1.6”
• x 2 Steel Plate: Length: ~25 mm / 1”, Width: ~40 mm / 1.6”


• ¬Utility Knife
• Drill and bits
• Grinder
• Spanner
• Spade
• Welder

This plan is designed to be used in conjunction with your appropriate safety guidelines / standards and the advice of local skilled builders / engineers.  If your location has no guidelines or standards, we have provided a summary of many of the most common hazards here.

This plan is for pre-school (4+) and school-age children, and are not designed for babies and toddlers. Designs will need to be redesigned for these age groups.

This element needs soft fall below it in the safe fall zone.

This element can have overlapping safe fall areas.

This element must have a clear safe fall area of 1500 mm (5’) around it.

Depending on the size of the tires this element may contain an entrapment hazard. All spaces more than 23.5″ (600mm) from ground level must not be between 3.5″ (89mm) and 9″ (230mm) in diameter in any direction.

All tires need to have holes drilled or cut at their lowest point to ensure good drainage. This will reduce the risk of mosquitos and their associated issues, such as malaria, etc. the sidewall is easier to cut than the tread for this purpose.


**IMPORTANT** Please see safety guidelines here for further details on the above safety points.



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