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About Us

a_space is an established provider of playground and outdoor fitness equipment Australia wide.

We have been designing and constructing high quality, commercial playground equipment in Australia since 1995, and in that time have installed more than 10,000 projects around the country.

Our wide range of playground equipment is designed by experienced physical educators and exercise physiologists to encourage children to explore, develop and grow in fun environments that brings communities together. We believe that playground equipment must do all this, while offering appropriate challenges with child-safety at the core.

Our broadly accessible outdoor gym equipment allows people of all ages and fitness levels convenient access to equipment that is inviting, understandable, fun and sufficiently challenging and rewarding to users of all age groups. The equipment features clear instructions so that users can manage the challenge of the exercise as required.

Innovation is at a-space’s core and with extensive in-house design and manufacturing facilities, the business is continually developing new products and programs to engage and benefit people across our communities.

Call us on 1800 632 222 for assistance or email us with your requirements.


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3 Dalmore Drive,
Scoresby, Victoria,
3179, Australia