Kelechek + HP

Service Region: Kyrgyzstan

Sponsor Type: Global Play Alliance

About Us

Kelechek + HP is a local charity in Kyrgyzstan that aims to empower vulnerable women, youth and children by sharing confidence, skills, knowledge and tools to change themselves and to help others. We believe that everyone has the ability and opportunity to make this world a better place. We’re not just providers, we’re also learners, and we believe that empowering people is the best way to achieve sustainable outcomes.

One of our new objectives is to build playgrounds for children with disabilities throughout Kyrgyzstan. The playgrounds are placed next to day centres, which provide education and support for children with disabilities and their parents.


Project Location


Main Address

Public Foundation "Kelechek + HP"
54 Radisheva Street
Bishkek 720005
Kyrgyz Republic