Children’s Medical Center Playground (Philippines)

Organisation: Philippines Children's Medical Center

Project Budget: $15,000

Project Description

This small colorful outdoor play space was constructed at the cancer ward of the Philippines Children’s Medical Center in Manila.  Tires were donated by the army and the government, and volunteers were provided by the University of the Philippines. This playground required special design considerations as it served children living in the medical center due to cancer. Instead of sand, small pebbles were used to prevent any infections. During playground consultation meetings with children and staff, one issue that arose was the children’s fear of doctors and medical treatments. The children in the ward were critically ill, and dealing with pain and confusion of undergoing new medical procedures, injections, and medications. The playground that resulted included a small pretend clinic and pharmacy, where children could act the roles of doctor or pharmacist and use pretend play to cope with some of the anxieties and fears they faced at the clinic.

Project Contact

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Project Location

Manila, Philippines