Ambondro EPP playground

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Location: Madagascar

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Fundraising ended on 05 March 2019
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This playground will be located at the EPP (the elementary school) in Ambondro, Madagascar. The playground will be sustainable and contribute to the local economy because it will be made out of materials that can be found locally, like wood and cement. Even the builders are locals living in Ambondro. If anything were to ever break the community will be able to find the materials to fix it and hopefully even add to the playground over the years. Ideally the playgroundd will have swings because the children already make their own swings from leftover fabrics and mosquito nets that they tie and hang from tree branches. Seesaws will be a must since the children make those from planks of wood they put through fences. The children like to climb trees, so monkeybars are going to help with climbing. The slide will be the finishing touch so the kids can go up and down as much as they like. This project is going to be a way of sharing American culture with the Malagasy people and helping a community with youth development. There are many children in the community that would benefit greatly from having a place to go and be a kid, and it will give the school and even more positive atmosphere.

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