Comfort Castle Infant Department Play Area

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Location: Jamaica

Project Details

The Comfort Castle Primary & Junior High School aspires to provide a safe and functional play area for its infant department students. Currently, the community does not have sporting activities or clubs available for children at this young age. Seclusion of the community and transportation costs, make it difficult for parents to engage their children in physical activities outside of the community. This project will attain its goals through the deliberate involvement of the community members, school facility, and students by hosting community meetings, facilitating training for teachers and gathering input from students about the play area. Members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and community are available to help in the development of the project and construction in addition to facility members. Improved stimulation of literacy and numeracy skills along with cognitive, emotional, physical, social and motor skills can result from this project; influencing children at a delicate and critical developmental stage. Habits and lifestyles formed at a young age can constructively influence a child for many years to come.

Designs for this Project

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