Drone interactive park

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Location: United Kingdom

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Fundraising ended on 27 May 2019
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A very good use of wasted space in and around our local community parks and would also be a great step forward in bringing people back to our residential parks and play areas.

My idea as very low cost , would not effect any exsisting park apparatus and could be very well blended in to any style of park or play area.

Drones are where wear now to why not have a few obstacles positioned in a way that our kids can learn how to use the properly.

We can't stop the drones but we can defiantly do something about them ,

My city is perfect for this and I have backing from local mp, and from local parish council with a site I can use for the first one .

Please are you able to help me , I have drawings

And prototype pickups

Kind Regards Benjamin Rous

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