He Takaro Ngahau Whenua.

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Location: New Zealand

Project Details

He Takaro Ngahua Whenau meaning fun play area. My eldest grandson is 5yr old, an born with a rear syndrome (PMS) pharylem mcdermid syndrome.
PMS is a chromosome mutation, his speech,physical and learning developmental areas are effected.

Our grandson is our inspiration for this DIY project, he puts nothing in the to hard box. He archives new challenges every day which is awesome, but the greatest moments are when he realises he is doing something new. All materials are recycled form our farm and surrounding neighbours farms.

The area will be 3mtrs x 4mtrs, there will be 3 focused areas for activities.

Area 1 .. club house/store
Area 2 .. Dinghy sandpit
Area 3 .. tyres & bridges balancing path
Area 4 .. climbing & activity wall

Area 1.. old wooden kids play house restored,recycled decking with seats.
Area 2.. great papas old Dinghy made into a sandpit ,3 stacked recycled tyres for water play area.
Area 3 .. Balancing path made from recycled tyres and recycled decking.
Start of path plank of timber connected to a painted truck tyres faced down on ground, bridge from recycled decking,
3 car tyres half stuck in ground, recycled decking path .. 3 tree rounds stepping blocks, truck tyre half stuck in ground.
Area 4.. climbing and activity wall made from recycled pallets, plastic plumbing pipes and other odds bodes.

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