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Location: Israel

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Fundraising ended on 31 March 2015
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School Play Ground build by kids at risk, children with difficulties fitting regular class activities due to emotional or developmental problems. The work on the project created a change of atmosphere in the school. There is much more free play. tolerance and open mindedness. The projects involves 27 children directly in building. Many others are willing to help and all the other 380 are happy to play. The playground project became a heart of bigger project , to establish an open, inquisitive learning center around it. The open learning space gives the kids responsibility on their time and choice of play an learning tasks. We wish to support the children to look for their interests, to meet their needs and lacking resources of joy, play and investigation. We are modeling PDD classes in a near by democratic school due to the combination of support, framing boundaries and the freedom that is built on responsibility. At this point, end of March 2015 we still don't have the budget or stuff for realization, yet we are optimistic.

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