Hernani Elementary School Playground

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Location: Philippines

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Fundraising ended on 01 November 2015
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Hernani, Eastern Samar, Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in November of 2013. The majority of the homes within this 8,000 person municipality were completely destroyed by the storm surge and 88 people lost their lives. The elementary school walls were spared from the surge as the school is protected by a large rock outcropping, but the roofs were pulled off the buildings from the winds and many of the windows were shattered.

In July of 2015 the Parent Teacher Association began meeting to discuss the construction of a playground with me. I am a US Peace Corps Volunteer stationed in Hernani to assist in the Yolanda recovery. We have met a few times now and formed a design committee comprised of small children, teens and adults. The parents were so motivated at our second meeting that they started raising funds right there as well as brought about 20 tires. We have various designs and some ideas of our preferred pieces.

We currently have some broken pieces of equipment at the site. Our plan is to start small and get our feet wet. We intend to build a tire swing, utilizing the existing swing set frame. Our town fiesta is coming up in Mid September and this is often a time when people are generous and want to contribute to their community. We are hoping that the sight of a tire swing as well as possibly another piece of equipment, a tire calculator, will motivate people to contribute.

Materials are scarce in Hernani but we have a commitment from Hanjin Construction company for tires. They are building the national highway that runs up the coast of Eastern Samar. The Vice Mayor is very supportive of the project as is the Sangunian Bayan (general council).

Our goals is to raise 200,000 pesos ($4500) for this project in materials and contributions. If we raise more than we need, we will assist one of the local barangays (villages) with their own playground. To date (8/28/15) we have raised about 1,000 pesos and have a small amount of materials.

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