KETMET, Brussels Biggest Covered Playground

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Location: Belgium

Project Details

Every Wednesday afternoon, we transform the covered hall of Brussels Biggest Market into a playground, open and free for all: KETMET
We use our home made mobile playboxes to make the 10.000 m2 urban unused space, turn into a city of play.
You can wheel your way around the space, build bridges, rockets or cars and so much more.
We cook food for everyone around with cheap and accessible ingredients, unsold fruit and vegetables from the weekend market.
We also roll out playboxes for the very tiny ones, 0 years and up.
And we create areas for people who need to hide themselves from the crowd a bit inside our chill playboxes.
KETMET is free and creates safe space to play and meet in one of Brussels youngest, most populated and crowded areas.

Designs for this Project

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