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Location: Burundi

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Fundraising ended on 15 November 2023
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Dreaming for Change (D4C) is a nonprofit organization operating a preschool, primary school grades 1-2, a library and computer lab, a community kitchen, and supporting development programs in Butanuka, Burundi. Our mission is to promote human dignity and social development through access to education, healthcare, economic development, food security and nutrition to marginalized, low-income communities in Burundi. We work at the grassroots level in villages to help communities make real and sustainable changes, so that their children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our current programming includes: child and maternal nutrition, women’s entrepreneurship, vocational training, household kitchen garden program, primary school, a preschool program and the rural girls’ scholarship fund.

We believe that movement and physical development cannot be separated into cognitive, social and emotional development. Therefore, we are raising funds to build a durable and safe playground for 450 children in Preschool and Primary school grade one and two.
The overall objective of this project is to build a playground which will provide a safe creative play area which encourages healthy mental and physical development of children.

The playground will enhance fitness, cognitive function, and development of motor skills, strength, and coordination. The project will also enhance a children’s imaginations and social skills.
Dreaming for Change is seeking funding totaling $7,830 which will be used to establish a large sandbox, purchase materials for swings and slides with side, and tires. The playground will also be protected by fences to make it safe for children.
Children will explore and enjoy the playground on a daily basis. In addition to the children from the preschool and primary grades, young children in our nutrition porridge program will also have an opportunity to play on the playground under the supervision of their mothers. These malnourished children, who are monitored by our nurse, are given a cup of fortified porridge three times a week.

The playground will become a place that provides the opportunity for the children to practice an active lifestyle and safely engage in recreational opportunities. A progress indicator tool will be used to monitor and evaluate the project on a regular basis. Dreaming for Change will work closely with the elected school parent committee, teachers, and local leaders during the implementation of the project to examine the progress of the interventions and also to document lessons learned. Interactive meetings will be held with the beneficiary communities to generate feedback, facilitate planning and promote people’s participation.

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