Kindergarten Playground

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Location: Indonesia

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Fundraising ended on 31 December 2020
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We are a non profit organisation working to help the conditions of the local community in Lombok, Indonesia. We work with providing the communitites with clean drinking water, sanitation, environment and education. Last year we built a school in a rural area of Lombok, after the earthquakes destroyed much of the buildings and infrastructure on the island. So far two classrooms, toilets and a fence have been completed and the next step is to build a playground for all the children in the area to enjoy, as there are no playgrounds in the area yet. We have already collected 50 tires which the children have painted which we want to use to build the playground for them. In the mornings the classrooms are used for kindergarten and pre-schoolers and in the afternoons we provide extra curricular lessons and activities for all children. The education is free for the children.
The facilities have been built with earthbags and ecobricks.

The children at the school

Kids playing games

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