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Location: Sierra Leone

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Fundraising ended on 31 December 2022
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eWomen SL is an innovative organization that makes eco-friendly playgrounds and other unique products from different waste materials. At the same time it trains vulnerable groups on how to make these products.

This project aims to change the lives of hundreds of children especially those with disabilities by building playgrounds in communities across Sierra Leone in needy schools, safe homes and camps across the country thus giving them the chance to play with their peers and be included in their communities.

Children especially those with disabilities in Sierra Leone are shunned and confined to their homes because of stigma and lack of accessible infrastructure and services. They often cannot go to school or play outside. Communal playgrounds, if there are any, are in a dilapidated state and not accessible. Without shared play facilities, children with disabilities are not able to meet and make friends with their peers in their local communities. This perpetuates a cycle of exclusion and prejudice.

Building accessible playgrounds will allow hundreds of children with disabilities to have a safe space to play outdoors with their peers build friendships and simply be kids. The playgrounds will bring joy to their lives but will also improve their inclusion in the community.

Through play, able-bodied and disabled children can interact and bond. As they grow these friendships can help change attitudes and mindsets and break down the stigma and barriers that currently prevent the inclusion of disabled children in Sierra Leone society. By bringing hundreds of children with disabilities out of their homes and into greater visibility, the playgrounds will spark a change within their communities and bring a greater level of acceptance of those with disabilities in Sierra Leone.

Beatrice Edwina Koroma
Chief Executive Officer
eWomen SL
Mobile: +232 (76) 620818
Email: [email protected]

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