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Location: South Africa

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Fundraising ended on 01 September 2022
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Good day.

We are a nonprofit early education school that has 1 old broken down outdoor playgrounds. It's not safe to play and the children are board with playing in the sand.

I would like to building and raising funds for 4 playgrounds and a possible 5th for Skateboarding and biking on premises for 10-19 year olds. To keep them occupied in goodway, to have a youth discourage the use drugs and alcohol other bad habits like teen pregnancy.

We have 2 groups of todlers 1-2 & 3-4, preschool children 5-6, primary school children 6-14 years old

We would like to give them the opportunity to play, learn and grow in a safe age appropriate environment that opens up their Imagine while learning new skils playing.

Please help us make this a reality.

Thank you

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