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I am just trying to create a playground for a class project. I am not going to actually build this playground. Please just let me do that. It is for a college class I am taking. I have had trouble doing it and just want the playground creator. here is the assignment:
Design a floor plan in color for an indoor and outdoor inclusive preschool program. Put on graph paper or use a self-designed computer-generated floor plan to indicate dimensions.

Pay attention to:
• Principles of access (UD & ADA), e.g., entrances/exists, gates, maneuvering
o [Power Point Chapter 7, Parts 1 & 2]
• Principles of developmentally appropriate practice including (1) space for large and small group activities, centers, personal storage, (2) separation of noisy/quiet activities, (3) provision for messy areas strategically located, (4) variety/novelty, (5) outdoor environment arranged to include learning opportunities, (6) Schedules, Routines, Transitions, (7) age and developmentally appropriate, activity-based individual and group learning experiences [Textbook Chapter 7 & Power Point for Chapter 7, Part 2]
• Principles of brain development including décor, aesthetics on Optimal Physical Environment [Handout]

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