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Location: Mozambique

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Fundraising ended on 28 February 2019
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My name is Mihaela Ungureanu, I am a volunteer in an international program called 'Fighting with the Poor'. My project now is in Mozambique, in a small community, called Changalane with around 4300 habitats.

In the last few weeks, I have been experienced the joy of playing with the small kids from the Changalane Preschool. I wanted to be part of this experience because I like being around the children and play with them. But, not only. I wanted to see and understand much more the structure of early education and its impact on the cultural differences that I have been experienced during this time in Mozambique, as a Development Instructor. I wanted to go deeper and investigate about the preschool needs and how is it functioning in order to use my time and my energy in some community development projects that I am happy and interested to be part of. There are around 110 children enrolled, ages between 0-5 years old. I had time to analyze and observe them carefully. When comes about the free time, all that they have is their imagination of playing between themselves. They have no toys or other playing instruments. On one side, I was very impressed by their creativity, simplicity, but on the other side, I could easily see that they do not have adequate access to play and are not developing to their full potential.
I have no experience in building, design or any kind of constructions, but I am ready to learn and develop a community project, together with the preschool teachers, children's parents, local people or anyone who is interested to work for this project.
The idea is to build a stimulating space to play outside, using only local materials, tools, and skills. The design is focused on low-cost, low-maintenance elements that could be easily replicated by everyone.

I would like to create the playground with materials that can easily find them locally, for this reasons:

* SUSTAINABILITY (when something breaks it can be easily and quickly repaired. This is essential to keeping the playground safe and fun for years to come);
* COST (buying/ finding locally is typically cheaper than importing materials or playground equipment);
* ETHICS (buying and building local supports the local economy);

The funds will be used to buy some of the possible materials, to pay for labor and the logistical costs necessary to make this happen.

Possible materials:
 car/ tractor/ truck/ motorbike tires
 cracked water tank
 steel
 paint
 cement
 bricks
 corrugated iron
 soil
 sand
 thatch
 chains
 ropes


* Fundraising for the project
* Finding/ buying materials
* Finding volunteers

Thank you very much for your contribution and I will keep you in touch with everything that is happening to make this dream a reality.

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