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Location: Germany

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Fundraising ended on 26 September 2016
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Not since World War II have there been so many people displaced by war. Over half of the refugees are children, the majority of which are under the age of twelve.
Although Germany has been more welcoming than most other countries, the sheer number of refugees has caused Germany to struggle in meeting the most basic needs, while Germany's future commitment to the refugees remains uncertain.
So while the refugee kids are grateful for what they have been given, they remain scared, deprived and even depressed. But if we do not meet all the refugees' needs, especially when it comes to war trauma, the negative impacts on those kids, their families and the communities they call home will go on for years to come.
Play is a fundamental form of therapy for traumatized children. In the aftermath of World War II, there were hundreds of thousands of displaced children all across Europe. So international humanitarian organizations, government officials, and child welfare experts first created playgrounds from waste material as an successful intervention.

Now, imagine if today we repurposed, reclaimed and recycled loose-part materials including those taken from the battleground for a playspace. There refugee and German kids could create and build a playground to envision new possibilities beyond their surroundings.
We at the Refugee Playground Project want to give refugee children the space that they need to play and heal. Will you help us by sharing our website, videos, blogs, Facebook page, tweets, donate to our campaign and ask others to do the same?

Refuge playground is an initiative of play experts and social activists from around the world. Join us.

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