School Playground - Tumurbulag Village

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Location: Mongolia

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Fundraising ended on 02 April 2019
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Tumurbulag is a small village located in Khuvsgul Province, Mongolia. (Population around 4000 people).
The school is a central part of the community, geographically and socially.
There are many children in the village, but there is no playground.

The kids here are wonderful! Smiling, energetic, curious and full of potential. They deserve an engaging, safe place to explore their creative potential through PLAY.

We want to build a playground at the school, to improve the physical and social well-being of children of all ages. We also want to offer them a safe place to play, away from the streets and bad influences (Many children have been hit by cars and motorcycles while playing in the street. Alcoholism is also a problem here, and some drunk men hang around in the streets). Parents are generally worried, and children, not having anywhere to call their own, end up spending a lot time on Facebook, indoors, or playing in dangerous areas.

2 Goals:
- Provide a safe and dynamic place for local children to play.
Highlight how important PLAY is in the life of every child.
Educate local adults about the short/long term benefits of varied and engaging play.
- Bring the community together in planning, building and maintaining the project.
Grow a sense of collaboration and ownership in the community, and a desire to develop future projects together.
Use local skills, materials and resources; teach new skills (data collection, design, crowdfunding, etc.)

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