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Location: Uganda

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Fundraising ended on 22 January 2013
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January 2013 marks the first year of Terra Nova Academy, but this has been a dream for quite some time. Finally, we are opening the doors of a school that will bring together Ugandan professionals who are passionate about education with the influence of international voices of encouragement and creativity. We will combine Ugandan culture with a global approach to teaching. We will celebrate the best of what is both local and international. Our aim is to educate children from families who are locked into a cycle of poverty. The Terra Nova team has committed ourselves to serving God by promoting poverty alleviation through Christian education. They are passionate about empowering, educating and encouraging Ugandan kids. But our ultimate goal is pointing Ugandan kids toward the hope that can only be found in Christ. As Terra Nova Academy, “our goal is to create a safe, nurturing place for learning that embodies authentic Christian community, empowers students for leadership, and encourages healthy development partnered with creativity.” An integral piece to the pie for us will be an outdoor place space that we will call TERRA NOVA TOWN. We're calling this phase 1--an introduction to our new students of what outdoor play CAN be...we're aiming for a low cost playground that is centered around imaginative play. On your mark. Get set. Here we GO!

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