Visible Innovative Children Parks(VICP)

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Location: Kenya

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Dear All,

I have a dream of starting an Integrated Innovative Children Parks across East Africa. The dream is to establishing at least one children's park across all towns in East Africa with a population of about 250 million people, majority of whom are below 15 years. My purpose in this Venture is to drive innovation through challenging games among children and young adults and keep them away from current challenges of boredom, substance abuse, early pregnancies and more importantly create job opportunities through innovation.

Over and above owned/managed parks, I would like to establish a centre of excellence with regards to building of these parks for our operation as well as other interested invedtors and training young people on how to build the parks. This will save African countries millions of dollars of importing cheap plastics playgrounds. African children have a right to play just like billions of other kids.

Hope I will find partners to join me on this grand dream. If you have value you can add to the dream please inbox me on a[email protected]

Kind regards,


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