8 Jul
Day 78: Swing Motorbike Tire Tread
Posted by jkelli

Jennifer Kelliher is a landscape architect, living and working in Kunming, China. She is a guest writer for the Playground Ideas blog, sharing her knowledge and passion for children's play spaces.

The “Swing Motorbike Tire Tread” is a fun and simple swing design perfect for any playground.

Made out of motorbike tires, we recommend painting them for splashes of exciting color!

This element has a low cost and can be made in combination of many materials.

Hang the tire swing with chain, rope or even rubber from other tires.

The swing is also a versatile element being able to link to many different areas of a playground; attach it to trees or a playground bridge.

Follow the link to get the step-by-step instructions for building your own "Swing Motorbike Tire Tread". (Must create user account to see full instructions.)

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Day 78: Swing Motorbike Tire Tread