29 May
Loose Parts Play for Councils and Businesses
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By Jeni Wilson

There are many occasions when engaging children through loose parts play would keep parents, their children, and customers happy.  Loose parts play can be both financially and emotionally beneficial for individuals, local councils, city councils, boroughs and businesses.

Think of all the times when entertaining children would, apart from the benefits themselves, expedite completion of your task, make it much more pleasant, and enable better engagement in the event or business. 

Scenario 1: Waiting at the airport 

How good would it be if children were able to happily and creatively play with loose parts kits before boarding the plane?

Instead of bored, hyperactive and sometimes anxious children, they step onto the plane less energised, calmer and mentally stimulated. Not only are parents and children happy, other customers and airline staff have a better flying experience. 

Scenario 2: New estates and real estate centres

Often these centres provide fixed outdoor playground equipment but these are not portable. Fixed playgrounds require supervision because of safety issues and are often too far from the offices to allow both parents to participate in decision-making. Wouldn’t it be great if they provided loose parts kits within eyesight of the parents/caregivers enabling better focus, and a less stressful experience.

When you think about it there are lots of times when parents, councils, businesses and children alike would find the provision of a loose parts kit advantageous. A simple example is whenever families have to wait for a service. Children get bored causing parents and other unnecessary anxiety and frustration.

Here are some examples:

  • Maternal health centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Doctor’s offices
  • School offices
  • Shire offices 
  • Council meetings
  • Local council  information sessions
  • Waiting to pick up food, goods, children

Perhaps parents simply want some time out but children aren’t interested or become quickly disinterested. For example: 

  • Community markets
  • Music events
  • Street festivals
  • Cheese and wine events
  • Art displays
  • Museums 
  • Galleries
  • Carols by candlelight
  • Libraries
  • Sporting events 
Over 200 loose parts play pieces in a Nüdel Kart

A research endorsed play solution

Introducing Nüdel Kart. This is an alternative playground idea. Nüdel Kart is a high quality, mobile playground that comes apart into many different pieces, filled with more than 200 loose parts that children can manipulate, build and play with. Nüdel Kart can be used in many settings, indoors and outdoors. It works across age groups from preschoolers to early teens. It is not gender or culture specific and is highly supportive to people of all abilities.

Nüdel Kart is a hands on resource that stimulates the children’s imagination, thinking, curiosity and social development and … here’s the good bit …can be packed up into an area around one metre square.

Nüdel Kart packed up. The Nüdel Kart fits in almost one metre squared. Compact and portable.

Councils, city councils, and boroughs could rent or lend a Nüdel Kart to any of these event organisers or council venues. 

Apart from anything else it’s plain, wholesome fun where everyone benefits. Ask your local council if they provide a Nüdel Kart for your community.


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