26 Mar
Playlist: The Importance of Kids Outdoor Play
Posted by Elizabeth Moreno


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What happens when kids don’t get enough outdoor play? 

That’s a question may parents, teachers, and child development professionals are asking in an age where many of today’s kids are playing on screens more than they are playing outdoors. It’s so important that children play outdoors more. So we’ve put together a collection of five videos that explore the issue of kids outdoor play from different angles. Check it out!

1. Project Wild Thing Film Clip| Childhood in the UK

Project Wild Thing is the hilarious, real-life story of one man’s determination to get children out and into the ultimate, free wonder-product: Nature. In this clip, the film explores the dangers of children’s disconnection with the natural world.

2. How Playing Outside Impacts Your Well-Being | Craig Childs | TEDxMileHigh

Craig Childs writes about the relationship between humans, animals, landscape, and time. In this TED Talk, talk, he connects our decision-making abilities and sense of well-being with the power of outdoor play.

3. Free the Kids | Dirt is Good

The “Dirt is Good” campaign was created by Unilever‘s Persil. In this short video, they reveal a startling fact: on average, children now spend less time outdoors than a prison inmate.

4. Three Generations | Nature Valley

This compelling video, made by Nature Valley, asks three generations the same question: “When you were a kid, what did you do for fun?” How would you and your kids respond?

5. Kids Gone Wild: Denmark’s Forest Kindergartens| SBS Dateline

The Danish do kindergarten different. This short segment brings you into the world of “Forest Kindergartens,” where kids outdoor play reins supreme!

Want more great content on the power of play? Check out our Evidence page and explore the world’s best research on play, spanning the fields of economics, psychology, child development, education and neuroscience.

Another outside play solution

Since we wrote this post, Playground Ideas has gone on to launch Nüdel Kart! Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable, mobile play cart that can transform any space into a creative, loose parts, play space for 3-12 year olds. Whilst the kart can be used in the classroom, it’s portable and durable so it can be used outside and also as a playground extension. It offers the benefits of play bit so much more…..

✓ STEM and 21st Century skills
✓ Self regulation and growth mindset. ✓ Creative, unstructured play
✓ Suitable for both Primary School and Early Learning
​✓​ First principles thinking

Showing children interacting with the Nüdel Kart
Primary school children engaging with a Nüdel Kart prototype before launch, July 2019.